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"When the Lord birthed Calvary Chapel 45 years ago, He saw fit to use a small fellowship of 25 people pastored by a man whose heart was simply to exalt and serve God. There were no grand plans for a mega church or a movement of churches-just a desire to love, teach and care for those 25 people He had given me. My goal was to become a full-time pastor to a congregation of 250 and to support mission activities."
But God's plans are not always our plans and He had a different future in mind for Calvary Chapel. The Lord chose to work through Calvary Chapel to begin a movement that now stretches throughout the world. Today, it's more urgent than ever to reflect on why God chose to use Calvary Chapel over the past four decades. May we truly continue in the Spirit-what the Lord began in the Spirit-as we move into the future.
"With the theme of this year's conference, Continuing in the Spirit, being a subject very close to my heart, we will be learning from the book of Acts. As we consider what God desires to teach us, let's spend time praising Him for all He has done and look forward to what the Lord will do both in us and through us."